Introducing Alphajet Mondo Ink by SH HiTech Solutions, a high-performance ink designed for Alphajet inkjet Printers. This advanced ink formulation is engineered to provide precise, durable, and versatile printing on a wide range of substrates, making it ideal for various coding and marking applications across industries.

Alphajet Mondo Ink ensures exceptional print quality with clear and legible results, even on challenging surfaces such as paper, plastic, metal,etc. Its fast-drying properties, along with excellent adhesion and resistance to smudging, contribute to efficient and reliable printing processes in demanding production environments.

Whether you’re labeling products with batch numbers, expiration dates, barcodes, logos, or implementing serialization for traceability, Alphajet Mondo Ink delivers consistent and accurate results. It is also well-suited for marking packaging materials, automotive parts, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial products requiring precise identification.

The Continuous Inkjet AlphaJET Mondo is an ideal combination of performance, quality, and low cost. You will be satisfied with the lowest running costs and the absolute safe management of consumables. The AlphaJET Mondo is distinguished by its superior print quality and pinpoint precision. The New AlphaJET 5 HS-M From SH HITECH SOLUTIONS Coding Is An Advanced Continuous Inkjet Printer That Delivers Excellent Print Quality With Low Operating Costs And Simple Maintenance.

The ‘Smart Start’ Nozzle Closure, Nozzle Flushing, and Heated Print Head means even if your Printer is in Stand-By Mode for An extended period of time, Intermediate Startup Or Intensive Cleaning are no longer required. With its small footprint and variety of connectivity options, it is simple to integrate into production lines and networks. The extensive SH HITECH SOLUTIONS AlphaJET Ink Range (about 100 different inks) includes black, high contrast, PVC, UV fluorescing, and other special process inks.

Experience the exceptional performance of Alphajet Mondo Ink by SH HiTech Solutions and elevate your printing capabilities to new levels of efficiency and reliability. Trust SH HiTech Solutions for innovative coding and marking solutions that exceed expectations.

SH HiTech Solutions is a top manufacturer and supplier of Alphajet Mondo Ink in addition to a range of other products. Our services extend to various regions in Maharashtra & India. Additionally, we provide ink supplies across India.

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