SH Hitech Solutions is your go-to partner for innovative manufacturing and supply solutions, and today we are proud to introduce our flagship product – the AlphaJet Pump. The AlphaJet Pump is an embodiment of SH Hitech Solutions’ commitment to fluid management technology.

Alphajet Continuous Inkjet (CJD) Printer Pump A pump is one of the most important components of an Alphajet printer. It is responsible for the precise delivery of ink to your print head. This ensures consistent, high-quality print results.

About Alphajet Pump:

Supported by knowledgeable vendors, we are offering a wide range of alpha jet suction pumps. We offer this product in various forms that meet customer demand. The alphaJet 5 HS delivers accurate printing results at the highest speeds. Integrate the alphaJet 5 into your production process for reliable product marking. Benefit from its performance and save costs! The unique strength of the alphaJet 5 SP is its high-contrast and accurate marking even in the smallest of spaces. A wide range of inks are available for this purpose. The integrated active ink flow technology ensures a constantly accurate ink jet even at fluctuating ambient temperatures. Space saving design allows customer to lay machine on a small room. Outlook of the flatbed printer with dust free design. New design reduces the environmental impact on equipment. Fast printing speed by printing on a large size 400* 600mm with canvas oil painting printer in just 176 seconds. The alpha-jet plus canvas oil painting printer ensures you can print on any media with max. 400* 600cm printing area.

Wide Range of Alphajet Pumps: We offer a comprehensive selection of Alphajet pumps to suit various Alphajet printer models.

Assured Quality:  We source our Alphajet pumps from reputable manufacturers and maintain stringent quality control measures.

Technical Expertise: Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of Alphajet pumps and can provide expert advice on selection and maintenance.

Competitive Prices: We offer competitive prices on all Alphajet pumps and spare parts.

Fast and Reliable Delivery: We ensure prompt delivery of your Alphajet pumps throughout India.

Are you ready to take the AlphaJet Pump to the next level? Contact us today to talk about your needs and learn how our cutting-edge solutions can take your business to the next level.

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