Welcome to Hitachi Ink Jet Printers: Precision and Durability for Industrial Needs

At Hitachi, we engineer ink jet printers that stand as paragons of quality and reliability, tailored precisely for industrial applications. Our printers operate on the venerable Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) principle, ensuring uninterrupted performance for your coding, marking, and variable printing needs across a myriad of everyday products.

Advanced CIJ Technology

Continuous Inkjet Printers revolutionize printing with their non-contact method of ink discharge, delivering pristine prints on any surface without compromising quality. Whether it’s date coding, product marking, or variable printing, our printers guarantee clarity and precision, free from blurs, flaws, or damage to the target.

Environmentally Conscious Solutions

At Hitachi, sustainability is paramount. Our inkjet printers are designed to be eco-friendly, with messages appearing under UV radiation and withstanding temperatures of up to 1300°C post-printing. They are solvent-resistant and suitable for recycling containers, ensuring minimal environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.

Innovative Research and Development

We take pride in our continuous commitment to research and development, investing extensively in the formulation of industrial-grade inks and makeup fluids for our coding equipment. Each ink and solvent is meticulously crafted to optimize ink usage, ensuring consistently legible codes while safeguarding the internal components of Hitachi Continuous Inkjet Printers and Case Coders.

Discover Hitachi Quality at SH HiTech Solutions, Maharashtra, India

Explore the pinnacle of printing technology with Hitachi Ink Jet Printers at SH HiTech Solutions in Maharashtra, India. Experience firsthand the precision, reliability, and durability that have made Hitachi a trusted name in industrial printing solutions worldwide.

At Hitachi, we don’t just print – we innovate. Join us in shaping the future of industrial printing, one impeccable code at a time.

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