Cij batch coding ink


The Linx 10 Is an Easy to Set Up and Simple to Use Continuous Ink Jet Printer Designed for Printing Best Before Dates and Batch Codes onto Slow and Medium Speed Production Lines. It Prints Up to 3 Lines of Text, Symbols and Numbers with A Print Quality Superior to Other Entry-Level Coders. Improve Productivity and Keep in Control of Your Printer with Linx Printer Net, Remote Connectivity Enabling You to Monitor and Control Your Printer Anywhere, Anytime. Batch Coding which is also Known as Lot Coding Is a Critical Part of Traceability.

The FDA defines a code as a precisely identified segment within a batch, possessing uniformity and designed to meet identity specifications requirements, Purity, And Composition”. With Regulations Continuously Strengthening to Protect Consumers, Producers Across Many Industries Must Take Care to Ensure That Their Batch Numbers or Lot Codes Are Legible and Consistent. Find Out More About Our Most Popular Batch Coding Printers, The Different Technologies Available and Which Products and Packaging They Are Commonly Used On.

SH HITECH is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Linx Batch Coding Machine in Maharashtra. We are in the field from 8 years and Currently Make Over 14,000 Installations Across the Maharashtra and Its Neighbour Cities like Pune, Dhule, Mumbai etc.

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