Cij batch coding ink


Designed for printing on all substrates, including standard and specialized applications like food-grade, sterilization, UV cure, and egg coding. We offer alcohol-based, water-based, ketone-free, and mek-free inks in a wide variety of colors. Plastics, glass, metal, cardboard and directly onto food. Videojet automatic batch coding machines use beams/spray to mark on the product. Beams emanate from laser marking machine while the spray of ink is sprayed from the inkjet printer. The product or machine is placed on conveyor belts which should be moving at constant speed.

These machines also work as online machines. Coding equipment plays a crucial role in the manufacturing industry by imprinting alphanumeric characters onto diverse packaging categories including primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging, as well as labels and distribution packaging. Batch printing simplifies the task of printing multiple correspondence items. The user first selects one or more correspondence items, and then selects the print option from the menu button. The documents are then printed on the appropriate printer.

SH HITECH is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Markem Imaje Batch Coding Machine in Maharashtra. We are in the field from 8 years and Currently Make Over 14,000 Installations Across the Maharashtra and Its Neighbour Cities like Pune, Dhule, Mumbai etc.

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