Welcome to SH Hitech Solutions, your trusted manufacturer and supplier of premium printing solutions across India. We are excited to introduce our high-quality VIDEOJET 705 MAKEUP designed to meet the diverse needs of the printing industry.


The VIDEOJET 705 MAKEUP is a state-of-the-art makeup solution meticulously engineered to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Designed to complement Videojet printers, this makeup fluid is formulated to deliver consistent and vibrant prints, enhancing the overall quality of your printing operations.

Videojet 705 makeup is a methyl ethyl ketone (mek) based make-up. it was designed to replace solvents lost due to evaporation during normal operation of videojet continuous inkjet (cij) printers Videojet operates technology centers globally, committed to serving clients and ensuring their industrial printing needs, including the Videojet V 705d makeup, meet the highest standards. In the printing sector, the Videojet V 705d industrial makeup is designed to be compatible with a range of Videojet CIJ printers, such as the 1220, 1520, 1550, 1560, 1650, 1660, and 1710 models. Continuous inkjet printers, often referred to as CIJ printers, are widely used in the printing industry. known as inkjet printers, are suitable for marking flat or curved surfaces. some printing work requires special considerations, such as printing in very limited sections or with brightly colored inks, or printing in two places on the same product. videojet printers can be configured in a number of ways to produce high-quality codes for a broad range of printing parameters.

Experience the difference with SH Hitech Solutions Videojet 705 makeup – a reliable and high-performance makeup solution tailored to meet the demands of modern printing applications. Whether you are looking to enhance print quality or improve operational efficiency, our VIDEOJET 705 MAKEUP is the perfect choice for your printing needs.

Trust SH Hitech Solutions as your preferred partner for VIDEOJET 705 MAKEUP solutions across India. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or to place an order. We look forward to serving you with excellence and professionalism.

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