Cij batch coding ink


The printer applies different charges to individual drops in a continuous stream, one drop at a time, in order to form a vertical line of drops as they pass through a high voltage field within the print head. Batch coding entails assigning an identification code, usually made up of letters and numbers, to a set of identical products manufactured simultaneously at the same date and location.

Videojet automatic batch coding machines utilize beams or ink spray to mark the product. Beams are emitted from a laser marking machine, while ink spray is released from an inkjet printer. The product or machine is placed on conveyor belts that must be moving at a constant speed. These machines also function as online machines. Coding equipment serves the main purpose of printing characters on various types of packaging (primary, secondary, and tertiary), labels, and distribution packaging.


Key Benefits of Video Jet Batch Coding Machine:

High Accuracy: SH Hitech Solution’s Videojet Batch Coding Machine provides a high level of accuracy and precision when coding products, reducing errors and improving the traceability of each item.


Versatility: It is adaptable to various surfaces and materials, making it appropriate for a wide array of industries and applications.

Efficiency: By offering rapid coding speeds and minimal downtime, it boosts production efficiency and decreases operational expenses.

Compliance: The machine adheres to industry standards and regulations, ensuring that coded information meets all legal requirements.

Ease of Integration: It smoothly integrates with current production lines, enabling a seamless workflow and minimal interruptions.

Reliability: Videojet is well-known for its reliable coding solutions, providing durable and consistent codes that are able to endure tough conditions.

Advanced Features: The machine is equipped with advanced functionalities like remote monitoring, maintenance alerts, and customizable coding options, which enhance its overall functionality and user experience.

SH Hitech Solutions, we are in the field from 8 years. A leading manufacturer and supplier of videojet Batch Coding Machine in Pune, India.

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