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About VIDEOJET Makeup Cartridges:

Videojet Makeup V705 serves as a solution to adjust the consistency of Videojet liquid ink by reducing its viscosity. Typically, this makeup fluid acts as a solvent and is housed in a dedicated tank within a Videojet printer. In continuous inkjet printers, ink is drawn from a reservoir and propelled through a nozzle to produce a continuous stream or “Videojet” of ink. This stream is then fragmented into numerous tiny droplets using high-frequency vibrations.

These continuous inkjet printers apply ink onto a surface without making direct contact, ensuring that the printing process doesn’t cause smudging, imperfections, or damage to the target material. The printer emits a controlled stream of minute ink droplets, selecting specific droplets to form the desired characters on the product. Any unused droplets are recirculated back into the system to maintain the integrity of the ink stream.

What are Videojet Makeup Cartridges?

Videojet Makeup Cartridges contain a specially formulated solvent that plays a vital role in your CIJ printer’s operation. As your printer uses ink, some of the solvents naturally evaporate. This can cause the ink to thicken, leading to:

Clogged Nozzles: Thicker ink is more likely to clog the printer’s nozzle, resulting in printing inconsistencies or complete stoppages.

Uneven Inkjet Droplets: Improper viscosity can affect the formation of ink droplets, impacting print quality and potentially causing smudging or blurry codes.

Reduced Printer Lifespan: Continuously using thickened ink can put additional strain on your printer, leading to premature wear and tear.

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