We provide alternate consumables for all major brand of continuous inkjet printers like

  • Domino
  • Videojet
  • Willett
  • Imaje
  • Linx
  • Alphajet
  • Hitachi
  • Citronix
  • Zanasi
Our consumables are of the highest quality and 100% compatible with OEM fluids.

Our consumables are best of the best quality and performance.The OEM fluids can be topped AFM Trademarkup wup with our fluids and vice versa without any problems. The AFM range of consumables has hence become a symbol of trust for many of our customers. With the perfect ink and makeup formulation our inks run reliably providing you the maximum uptime coupled with the least running cost.

You can get a variety of inks right from dye based to soft pigment based to hard pigment based inks in various colours and solvent bases. Our inks suit a wide array of applications which demand use of specific inks depending on substrate and application. We provide the flexibiliy in terms of the pack size like "direct use" as well as bulk pack sizes. While using AFM range of consumables you can focus on your production lines efficiently and leave the rest to us.

Apart from fluids we also provide filter sets / PM kits for various makes of inkjet printers. We also provide spare and service support. We provide a gamut of services for continous inkjet printers right from annual maintenance contracts (AMC) to providing printers on rental basis. Our expertise and experience in CIJ is matched by none and this has helped us in grow in the market beyond our expectations. Please refer our Ink Chart.

 Fluids for various CIJ's