Shhitech lunches their state of the art CIJ (Countinoues Ink Jet ) printer series in India market with the name of Lead Tech. Small character inkjet printer is used in various market verticals like food, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, iron and steel, beverages, cable and wire etc. for product identification.

Primarily small character printing is done as a part of secondary printing requirements to print variable and static data like batch codes, sell by dates, logos, price etc. Shhitech sells the most reliable and advance Inkjet Printers series name "Lead Tech" the printer can print up to 4 lines. A variant especially designed for pigment based inks and micro model is also available.

The following are the unique features of Shhitech Inkjet Printer:

  • Can print 4 lines in 5 x 5 drop matrix
  • No plant air required
  • The Hydraulics and Electronics are completely divided in to separate cabinets resulting in greater reliability and easy maintenance
  • Auto cleaning mechanism resulting in no jamming of printhead
  • It has the most advanced and user friendly software available
  • There is no need to clean print head on daily basis so the wash solution is almost negligible
  • No viscometer malfunction
  • Multiple external ports for external device connections and data transmission
  • Lead Tech CIJ uses a true flush system resulting in clean start-ups
  • 60 micron, 40 micron, and 70 micron nozzle selection possible
  • Excellent message and logo storage facility
  • All software's are onboard
  • Lowest make up consumption
  • Higher printing speed
  • Nozzle can be easily removed and cleaned