Welcome to Hitachi Ink Jet Printers, where quality meets industrial prowess. Our printers, built on the Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) principle, are engineered for robust performance in industrial settings. Whether it’s date coding, product marking, or variable printing on everyday products, our printers deliver exceptional results.

Introducing our latest innovation, designed with your convenience and environmental concerns in mind. Our new printer combines ease of use with enhanced sustainability features. Equipped with a “Clean & Easy Cartridge-Type System,” maintenance becomes a breeze, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Experience a new level of user interface with our modern touch screen panel. The full-color 10.4″ display, adorned with intuitive icon-based graphics, makes navigation effortless.

But that’s not all. Enhance your production capabilities with Hitachi’s compact and cost-effective CO2 Laser System. With power outputs of 10 or 30 watts, and versatile wavelengths including 9.3 μm, 10.2 μm, and 10.6 μm, coupled with a range of lens options, you can code on various packaging substrates at impressive production speeds. From paper to plastics, our laser system delivers precise results every time.

Dive into our LM Series, where flexibility meets functionality. Utilizing vector and dot matrix fonts, along with a user-friendly font editing tool, customization is at your fingertips.

Experience the reliability, versatility, and innovation of Hitachi Ink Jet Printers and Laser Systems today. Elevate your industrial printing needs with us.

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