Welcome to SH Hitech Solutions, your trusted manufacturer and supplier of premium printing solutions across India. We are excited to introduce our high-quality VIDEOJET 411 Ink, designed to meet the demanding needs of modern printing applications.

About VIDEOJET 411 Ink:

VIDEOJET 411 Ink is a premium ink formulation specifically engineered for optimal performance with VIDEOJET printers. This high-quality ink offers vibrant color reproduction, excellent adhesion, and quick drying properties, ensuring crisp and durable prints on various substrates.

Videojet 411 ink ink suited for printing on plastics & canning industry and has direct compatibility for use in the videojet 1000 line continuous inkjet printers. It’s fast-drying design allows for coding on flexible packaging films, like those typically used in the tobacco & food packing industries. Os411 ink was responsibly designed and manufactured to maximize adhesion to plastics while meeting safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements. Each raw material and production batch undergoes thorough quality testing to ensure compliance with stringent quality control standards. V411 is a black mek ink suited for printing on plastic flexible film and qualified for use in the 1000 line continuous inkjet printers. This ink is ideal for use in high-speed applications for a wide variety of substrates, such as biaxially oriented polypropylene (bopp), polyethylene (pe), as well as high and low density polyethylene (hdpe and ldpe) found in flexible food packaging. Patented formula!

SH HITECH SOLUTIONS – Your Partner for Peak Printing Performance

At SH Hitech Solutions, we understand the importance of using high-quality inks for achieving clear, durable codes on your products.  Contact us today to discuss your Videojet 411 Ink requirements and explore our comprehensive range of industrial printing supplies.

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